Rear flashing red light!!

Rear flashing red light!!

The one, the only . . . Dynamo powered rear flasher.

Get rid of your annoying battery powered rear flashers and switch to kLite Qube! Draws a minimum of current and includes capacitive storage so it continues to flash for a few without charge input.  Draws so little current, in fact, that if you plan to use it with a charge battery, it has to be one that allows a trickle of current. Includes three sizes of mounting hardware for different frame placements.

Perhaps most interestingly, the flasher draws its inspiration from space docking trials, which have reportedly observed that it’s easier to judge distance with a light that flashes at a random periodicity rather than a uniform one.

The Qube flashes a set of short flashes followed by a longer one, and there is randomness in the blinkage. That makes it uniquely different from virtually every rear blinker in the market. Safety with a touch of space age tech—pretty much a perfect reason to justify this purchase to your SO.  Wait, did you just say that out loud? YES!

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