kLite make some of the worlds best Dynamo Lights used by top endurance riders around the world. kLite have been used to win events like TransAm and Tour Divide. It is a system that has proven itself as incredibly durable, water and dust proof and vibration proof. The kLite system is the only Dynamo light system currently on the market that is plug and play straight out of the box.


The Klite Bikepacker Ultra V2 caters directly to serious ultra-endurance athletes who want the best and brightest light available. It not only has 1300 lumens of output, it’s also lightweight, waterproof, vibration proof, has a new dual-port USB charger, and the wiring comes custom sized to your bike, completely encased in rubber. After solid year of hassle free preformance, it’s one of the best Dynamo lighting systems we’ve tried.


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Single USB Charger

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Dual USB charger

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Wiring loom SON

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Rear flashing red light!!

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Klite Package (Dual USB)